Print Fr. Vlad's Rye Sourdough Bread Author: Fr. Volodymyr Zablotskyy Recipe type: Bread Prep time:  14 hours Cook time:  30 mins Total time:  14 hours 30 mins Ingredients 1 cup of water (chlorine free, bottled water is fine) ¼ cup of sourdough starer 2 cups of all purpose white flour ½ cup of rye flour ½ [...]

Never tried buckwheat? Your are not alone, most of Americans have never heard of it either. Buckwheat is very popular in eastern Europe. They very easy to make and can be cooked ahead of time and frozen. Print Ukrianian Grechanyky (Гречаники) Author: Fr. Volodymyr Zablotskyy Cuisine: Ukrainian Recipe type: Main Ingredients 1lb ground pork 1lb ground beef [...]

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